How To Write A Blog

This is a new blog. It’s 2016, these things have been around since forever, and yet I have the audacity to make another one, foolishly thinking that I shall somehow be noticed.

Even if my dreams of making it big in the blogosphere never materialize in a meaningful way, I do want you to understand the reason I brought this site into existence. It is a simple one — I have been breathing, eating, and sleeping on this planet for quite a few years now. I’ve learned a few things on this way. Together, all the things I know constitute quite a bit of knowledge indeed. But I can’t possibly hope to do a comprehensive brain dump effectively all at once. I feel that a more successful approach is to dump out a specific piece of knowledge, one at a time.

And guess what? A blog is a great medium for doing this. A blog is post-centric. And my preferred manner of brain dumping is a piecemeal one. With a single post, I can impart a specific piece of awesomely useful knowledge about stuff to you, my fortuitous reader who chanced upon this page! With the aggregate effect of seeing many of these posts over a period of time, it is my expectation that you shall become awesomely useful yourself.

The very first thing I shall share with you is how to write a blog. This post actually just showed how to do that. Mind blown? You haven’t seen anything yet — this is the first post. Read and learn.

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